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Congratulations ♡

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Everything is adding up, you’ve been through hell and back, that’s why you’re bad as fuck, and you know you are


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3/countless Minyoon moments.

Mino and Seungyoon wiping cake on each other’s faces to celebrate their debut!

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Prime ep.3 Profile - WINNER

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quick way to find out how deep in the fandom someone is

  • shallow water


  • bottom of the ocean


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WINNER, what’s your color?

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Do you remember 20140812?

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Q: “Who are you, WINNER?” 
Taehyun: “I…don’t even know….. :D?”

Q: “Who are you, WINNER?”

Taehyun: “I…don’t even know….. :D?”

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I don’t know about you guys, but seeing Jungkookie like this:


Instead of the usual: 


Hits me really hard on so many levels. I saw few girls’ comments on this, saying that 'it's a bit gross' or 'now I see why he wears make up'. You know what I find disgusting? These comments. Did you really expect him to be perfect? He’s a teenager, the probability of him having acne is as high as all of us. You should start seeing idols not only as models, but as persons too. I find Kookie just as beautiful when he is bareface (I even got a thing for it I think). And just saying, but how can you claim being an A.R.M.Y if you judge his skin condition as ‘gross’? /sigh/

Physical perfection was a concept created by the media to make the rest of us feel shitty about our appearance and attempt to achieve “perfection” to fit in with their unrealistic standards. His little freckles/moles, fluffy morning hair, his one double-lid, his little dimple and the way his bottom teeth show when he smiles extra hard are all perfect. His teenage acne (which most teens have to some extent, by the way) is perfect because it’s part of him. If you can’t take seeing an idol, who is still under 18 in the Western world by the way, showing himself in his natural state then maybe being an A.R.M.Y isn’t the thing for you because this fandom, and Bangtan themselves, are all about embracing everyone as they are. Jungkook is perfect and you should be ashamed of yourselves.

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lee seunghoon, ladies and gentlemen
lee seunghoon, ladies and gentlemen
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